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Javier Espinoza

Social Media Strategist, Marketing and Advertising

Hi, I'm Javier Espinoza, a Social Media Strategist.

Javier Espinoza's Bio:

Javier Espinoza is a Social Media Strategist & Community Manager at MPP Marketing Group in Toronto. As the SM Strategist, he specializes in developing and implementing campaigns for MPP's clients.

His day-to-day duties as a Community Manager consist of monitoring benchmarks to measure the impact of social media programs. This includes analyzing, reviewing, and reporting the effectiveness of campaigns in an effort to maximize results.

Javier Espinoza's Experience:

  • Project Manager/Senior Designer at MPP Marketing Group Inc.

  • Graphic Designer at Wawatay Native Communications Society

  • Creative Director at My Pizza Promo

  • Freelancer - Graphic Design at ESRO Design

  • Social Media Strategist at MPP Marketing Group Inc.

Javier Espinoza's Education:

  • Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

    Concentration: Graphic Design

Javier Espinoza's Interests & Activities:

Parenting, Music, Social Media, Technology, Literature, History, Politics, Social Justice, Human Rights, Marketing

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